Matthew Ritter
Matthew Ritter Lead Machine Learning Engineer, Athenahealth
Olin College of Engineering, 2010, B.S. Mechanical Engineering

“I had a strong interest in cleantech and entrepreneurship throughout my undergraduate career. In an extraordinary stroke of fortune Olin began graduating Grand Challenge Scholars in my senior year, so I and another entrepreneurial Oliner got to be founding participants. GCSP widened by view of how I could contribute to the world, and I ended up devoting the first half of my career to helping healthcare startups scale across Athenahealth's 100,000+ providers. More recently I've moved into the AI/ML side of healthcare, and lead a small team to replace the slow, expensive and error prone manual work that's required to get a patient treated. GCSP also taught me to think explicitly about how to best contribute to the world, on an almost philosophical level, and I've both read/listened to different viewpoints like 80000hours/Effective Altruism and Radical Exchange, and contributed my voice to the conversations through blog posts and industry panels.”